Vokietija, VFR-Eschborn: Konsultacijų aplinkosaugos klausimais paslaugos

Vokietija, VFR-Eschborn: Konsultacijų aplinkosaugos klausimais paslaugos

I dalis: Perkančioji organizacija

    I.1) Pavadinimas ir adresai:

      Oficialus pavadinimas: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
      Adresas: Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1 - 5
      Miestas: Eschborn
      Pašto kodas: 65760
      Šalis: Vokietija, VFR
      Asmuo ryšiams:
      El-paštas: giz@imtb.de
      Interneto adresas (-ai):
      Pagrindinis adresas: https://www.giz.de

II dalis: Objektas

    II.1.1) Pavadinimas:

      81286650-Technical support for Renewable Energy Programm PEERR in Bolivia
      Nuorodos numeris: 81286650

    II.1.2) Pagrindinis BVPŽ kodas:

      90713000 Konsultacijų aplinkosaugos klausimais paslaugos ;

    II.1.3) Sutarties tipas:


    II.1.4) Trumpas aprašymas:

      Bolivia has significant renewable energy (RE) sources. The development of these energies has shown that in the short term, it is possible to displace representative quantities of the national electricity demand and, therefore, the consumption of fossil fuels. In the medium term, the country could increase the generation capacity of the national electricity system and could even form part of the export potential; and in a long time, they will be a critical factor in significantly reducing the country's dependence on fossil fuels and guaranteeing the country's energy independence and security.
      In RE, efforts are needed mainly to strengthen the sector's institutional and technical capacities. Only with a consolidated institutional framework will it be possible to create the legal bases, and plan and implement concrete projects to develop these RE sources in the country. On the other hand, technical capacities must be considered from an approach that allows for improving the projects' operational and management conditions and in previous stages for planning and attracting financial resources to make developing an expanding project portfolio feasible.
      As far as EE is concerned, it is still necessary to develop local capacities in the area. Implementing measures to promote the rational use of energy and the socialisation of local experiences as replicable and scalable case studies with quantified impacts, such as electric mobility, promote cleaner and more efficient technologies.
      This can mitigate hydrocarbon subsidies, increase efficient domestic electricity consumption, electrify public transport and reduce air pollution.
      Developing effective and locally adapted strategies to increase EE through measures such as electric mobility is often limited by insufficient capacities. Relevant EE-related data from the electricity sector is primarily collected non-systematically and therefore only used to a limited extent for policy formulation. Hence, policy and planning strategies are not sufficiently fact-based. Inter-institutional coordination should be supported, primarily in the promotion of electric mobility.
      The strategic processes and plans of the electricity sector are designed based on short and medium-term schemes. However, no planning processes and long-term goals guarantee the sector's social, economic, or environmental sustainability.
      The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) subsequently commissioned GIZ to implement the "Renewable Energy Programme" (PEERR). PEERR started its activities in April 2019 and will probably end in June 2024. The objective of PEERR is "Conditions for the expansion of grid-based renewables and increased energy efficiency are improved".
      PEERR is structured into 5 outputs:
      1) Planning and regulatory framework for RE
      2) RE project development and integration into the electricity system
      3) Energy efficiency
      4) Training of professionals in RE and EE
      5) Electric mobility
      GIZ intends to contract a service provider to continue the implementation of outputs 3, 4 and 5 of the programme. The objective of Output 3 is to create the institutional and technical bases that will contribute to adopting concrete actions to promote and implement EE in the country. Output 4 seeks to improve the supply of training and technical education. To this end, specialised installers for PV installations will be trained to promote decentralised generation focusing on the needs of the current regulation. Output 5 is to contribute to introducing electric mobility in Bolivia to promote cleaner and more efficient technologies, mitigate hydrocarbon subsidies, increase efficient domestic electricity consumption, electrify public transport and reduce air pollution.

    II.2) Aprašymas:

    II.2.1) Kitas (-i) šio pirkimo BVPŽ kodas (-ai):

      71313000 Aplinkosaugos projektavimo konsultacinės paslaugos
      71314300 Energijos efektyvumo konsultacinės paslaugos
      73200000 Mokslinių tyrimų ir taikomosios veiklos konsultacinės paslaugos
      73220000 Taikomosios veiklos konsultacinės paslaugos
      75110000 Bendrosios paslaugos visuomenei
      75130000 Pagalbinės paslaugos valdžios sektoriui
      79411100 Verslo plėtros konsultacinės paslaugos
      85312320 Konsultacinės paslaugos
      90713000 Konsultacijų aplinkosaugos klausimais paslaugos
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