Danija-Kopenhaga: Prenumeratos paslaugos

Danija-Kopenhaga: Prenumeratos paslaugos

I dalis: Perkančioji organizacija

    I.1) Pavadinimas ir adresai:

      Oficialus pavadinimas: Royal Danish Library
      Adresas: Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
      Miestas: København K
      Pašto kodas: 1221
      Šalis: Danija
      Asmuo ryšiams: KB - Hanne Lund Hansen
      El-paštas: hlh@kb.dk
      Interneto adresas (-ai):
      Pagrindinis adresas: www.kb.dk
      Pirkėjo profilio adresas: www.kb.dk

II dalis: Objektas

    II.1.1) Pavadinimas:

      Framework Agreement regarding Document Delivery Services
      Nuorodos numeris: 23/00024

    II.1.2) Pagrindinis BVPŽ kodas:

      79980000 Prenumeratos paslaugos ;

    II.1.3) Sutarties tipas:


    II.1.4) Trumpas aprašymas:

      RDL intends to enter into agreement with a document delivery supplier enabling both internal and external users to order individual content items in those cases where the institution to which the user is affiliated does not already provides access. All institutions served will be set-up with their own sub-account in the document supplier’s system.
      The Supplier will have a dedicated RDL main contact, mandated to act on behalf of all institutions, both internal and external, using the service, in all areas regarding set-up, administration, support, and invoicing for all sub-accounts. RDL will offer the service to the more than 300 Danish educational, research and other institutions eligible for making use of RDL’s license services.
      RDL will also offer the service to a number of non-profit public institutions having research-based activities, e.g., Danish museums. In addition, the service may be offered to small and medium-sized Danish commercial organizations.

    II.2) Aprašymas:

    II.2.1) Kitas (-i) šio pirkimo BVPŽ kodas (-ai):

      79980000 Prenumeratos paslaugos
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